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Cisco Meraki

Setting Up Your Cisco+ Secure Connect Account

Cisco+ Secure Connect Account Setup

Welcome Cisco+ Secure Connect!  Cisco+ Secure Connect combines the security capabilities of Cisco Umbrella with the simplicity of Cisco Meraki.  With Cisco+ Secure Connect you will be interacting with both the Cisco+ Secure Connect dashboard and the Umbrella dashboard.  Most of your time will be spent in the Cisco+ Secure Connect dashboard, which is powered by Cisco Meraki.  You will go to the Umbrella dashboard to configure select services.  Don't worry, we have simplified the experience to make it easy to go between the two sites.

The following guides will walk you through the steps to setup your accounts once they have been provisioned.  The steps you will need to take depend on if you are an existing Cisco Meraki and/or Cisco Umbrella customer.  Below are links to setup processes based on your relationship with Cisco.

Administrative User Setup

Once you setup and link your accounts, there is a couple of optional administrative items you may want to complete before configuring the Secure Connect services.

  • Sign-on once (Admin Sync) – With Secure Connect, you will need to access both the Cisco+ Secure Connect (Meraki) and Cisco Umbrella dashboard.  This guide will show how to synchronize administrative accounts.
  • User account creation – This guide will show how to add additional administrators to your account
  • SecureX Integration – If you are already using SecureX or plan to use it, this guide will show how to setup Single Sign-on (SSO) through SecureX into the Cisco+ Secure Connect and Umbrella dashboards.



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