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Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Canada Region

Cisco Meraki provides centralized visibility and control over your Meraki wired and wireless networking hardware: without the cost and complexity of wireless controllers or overlay management systems. The Cisco Meraki Canada Region extends the same powerful service to our customers in Canada that seek to meet local regulatory compliance. The Cisco Meraki Canada Region is supported exclusively by data centers located in Canada and offers data protection, privacy, and security while enabling customers to securely protect their data.


Cisco Meraki Canada Region is launching in Limited Availability for our customers in Canada. The goal for this launch is for our customers to provide feedback on overall functionality and performance. During Limited Availability, the supported products and functionalities are listed in the next section.

The Canada region has been tested internally for proper functionality and to minimize risks and bugs. However, during this Limited Availability release, bugs may still be present and ongoing enhancements will be deployed. Customers are advised to treat this Limited Availability release as a "beta" version and take care when deploying in production networks. The Canada region is fully supported by Meraki Support and Engineering teams,

By creating an account in the Canada region, customers acknowledge the above and agree to opt into this Limited Availability release.

Supported Products

Currently, Meraki Canada Region supports the following products:

  • Cisco Meraki MR Wireless Access Points with Ent license, recommend firmware version 28.1 or higher

  • Cisco Meraki MS Switches with Ent license, recommend firmware version 15.1 or higher

  • Cisco Meraki MX Security & SD-WAN Appliances with Ent license, recommend firmware version 16.4 or higher

  • Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras (except Meraki Vision Portal)

  • Cisco Meraki MT Sensors Solutions

Important: The accounts and organizations created in the Canada region are stored locally within the country, and can only be accessed through Canada dashboard ( The products and features supported are different than the other global regions (see Supported Products section above). Please use "United States" region if you don't have data residency requirement, or reach out to Meraki sales representative for more information.

To get started, go to the Canada dashboard (, select "Canada" from the drop-down list to create your organization on the Canada cluster.


For full instructions on how to create a new organization, please refer to Creating a Dashboard Account and Organization.

Accessing Meraki Canada Region Dashboard

Important: Since Canada region is isolated from the other regions, the account information is stored within Canada region only. To access the Meraki Canada Region Dashboard, you have to log onto

Migrating Existing Organizations, Networks, or Devices to the Canada Region

To move your organization to the Canada Region, create your organization in the Canada Region, and then manually move all devices to the new organization. All configuration settings will need to be manually created. To move your current licenses between organizations, please reach out to Meraki Support by opening a support case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are normal Meraki Admin accounts shared with Canada admin accounts? Can I see my Canada Organizations and Non-Canada Organizations on the same dashboard/logged into the same account? 

No. The accounts created on the Canada dashboard are totally separate from non-Canada accounts and do not cross over or share any information or org membership information.


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