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Cisco Meraki

Global Alerts Widget

In the scope of a network, Meraki will roll up important notices into the “global alerts widget,” visible at the top right corner of the screen on every page. This will highlight important issues affecting that network, allowing you to both draw conclusions in the context of your entire network and navigate directly to details to troubleshoot.



Showing Notifications

If the alert icon is active, it means there are one or more issues that may be affecting your network.


Clicking on the icon while active will show a popover summary of your alerts. 


Otherwise, If there are no alerts, we’ll congratulate you on having a healthy network!


The widget can be closed by either clicking on the icon again, or by hitting the Close button on the left.

Reading Alert Summary




Alerts are grouped into three categories:

Device Health Issues: problems with a device itself

Configuration Issues: problems with how a device is configured

Connectivity Issues: problems with a device’s ability to reach the Internet

Each category will be visible if at least one “alert type summary” falls under it.

Alert type summaries

Within each category, alerts are grouped by type into summaries. Each summary has a:

Type: a high-level description of the problem

Priority: a color indication of the severity of the problem. Can be one of:

  • Yellow: warning
  • Red: critical 

Count: the number of instances of the problem type found

Instance list: details about each instance of the alert. For example, a device that is unreachable will appear in an “Unreachable Device(s)” summary as a link to the affected device. A device with a VLAN mismatch will appear under “VLAN Mismatch” and link to each affected port.


These summaries will be sorted descending by priority. Each alert’s instances will have a way to navigate to details about the problem.

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