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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Finding All Clients with Custom Device Policies

Many network administrators will apply custom device policies to network clients, either to block/allow list the device, or to create a custom group policy for a tailored network experience. As the network expands, it may be difficult to keep track of which devices have a custom policy, or a policy needs to be updated on an old client that doesn't appear in the clients list anymore.

The following instructions explain how to view and manage all clients with a custom network policy:

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to Network-wide > Monitor > Clients.
  2. Click the first dropdown and filter for all clients with a policy, as shown below:
    All Clients with a policy.png
  3. The resulting list will include all client devices that have ever had a device policy applied (including clients older than a month old, and manually-created clients that have never been seen on the network):
    Client Policies.png