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Cisco Meraki

Status Icon Meanings

In Dashboard, useful status information can be gathered at a glance from the colored icons representing each device on the Wireless > Monitor > Access points, Switch > Monitor > Switches, or Security appliance > Monitor > Appliance status pages. For example, It can be determined what a given device is, whether it is active or not, or if an access point is in repeater mode or not. This article will clarify which icons are displayed for each device and this information is also available by hovering the mouse above the icon in question. 


Every device can display in one of four colors, indicating the status of that device:

Green:   The Cisco Meraki device is currently online and has no alerts

Yellow:  The Cisco Meraki device is currently online but has one or more active alerts

Red:      The Cisco Meraki device is currently offline and is inaccessible by the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

Grey:     The Cisco Meraki device is currently offline and has been offline for at least a week (dormant).

Greenshot 2017-07-27 10.25.45.png


These indicators can be a quick and easy way to narrow down what sort of trouble a device is experiencing. A device indicating it is offline likely cannot reach it's gateway or Dashboard. A device indicating a yellow alerting status will often have additional details on the device details page. Examples include IP address conflicts or disconnection from RADIUS.

Clients will show as connected or disconnected in the same way, with currently connected clients showing a green icon and disconnected clients showing gray:

Greenshot 2017-07-27 10.26.01.png

In addition, MR Access Points have two states, changing if they are acting as a gateway or repeater.

Greenshot 2017-07-27 10.26.10.png


A limited glossary of some devices and their associated icons can be found below.

Greenshot 2017-07-27 10.26.20.png

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