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Using Google OAuth Splash with a Walled Garden

By: Kamal Haidar


The Meraki sign-on Splash Page can be integrated with Google OAuth, requiring users to log in with credentials from a custom Google domain for network access. This Splash Page can be configured to block Internet access until sign-on is complete, but certain domains need to be added to the Walled garden ranges in order for OAuth to complete.

This article outlines how to allow Google OAuth to operate while still limiting pre-authentication Internet access. 

Google OAuth Walled Garden with the WAN Appliance

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to Security Appliance > Configure > Access Control.
  2. Select the appropriate VLAN from the drop-down menu on top.
  3. Set the Splash page method as Sign-on with 3rd Party Credentials and select Google as the Accepted Credentials as well as your domain.
    Google OAuth Appliance.png
  4. Set Captive portal strength to "Block all access until sign-on is complete." and Walled Garden to enabled.
  5. Add the domains provided in Google's Gmail Firewall Settings documentation to the Walled garden ranges.
    Captive portal and Walled garden ranges
  6. Save Changes at the bottom of the dashboard.

Google OAuth Walled Garden with Meraki Access Points

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to Wireless > Configure > Access Control.
  2. Select your Desired SSID in the top Left Corner
    Choose SSID.png
  3. Under Splash Page, Select Sign on With Google OAuth and add your Allowed Domains.
    Wireless Sign on With Google.png
  4. Navigate to Advanced Splash Settings below and then set the Captive Portal Strength to "Block all access until sign-on is complete".
  5. Set Walled Garden to Enabled, and then add the domains from Google's Gmail Firewall Settings documentation to the Walled Garden Ranges.
    Wireless Captive portal and Walled garden ranges
  6. Save Changes at the bottom of the dashboard.

More information regarding Google OAuth can be found in Google Sign-In.

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