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How to convert an org from Co-term to Per Device licensing

This article outlines the prerequisites and procedures to convert an organization from a Co-term licensing model to a per-device licensing (PDL) model.

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Co-term to PDL conversion is being restricted. The purpose of this restriction is to avoid detrimental conversions and allow more strategic conversions to PDL.

Responsible Stakeholders 

  • Licensing Support (Primary)

  • Sales (Secondary)


  • An expired or non-compliant organization should not be converted to PDL

    • This includes device and license compliance

  • An expiring or close to expiring organization should be allowed to convert only if a renewal order is placed.

    • Don't claim in co-term and claim the key post-conversion

  • Verify that the requester is a full org admin with read/write access including SAML read/write users on this organization by verifying their support passcode of the day. 

    • A network or enterprise admin should not be allowed and should be asked to loop in their organization admin with full read/write permissions.

  • Verify if the requester is a multi-org admin/ MSP Portal ( Dashboard Navigation Panel > Global Overview or MSP Portal )



Step 1: Reach out to Support

Customers open a case via the dashboard or the Support home page; or call Support to convert their org(s) to the Per-device licensing model. At this point, Support will add your Sales rep (if any) to the thread to ensure visibility.

  • Walk through the following high-level differences between the two models:




Flexibility of License Renewal


Partial and Full

Activation of Licenses

Starts burning from the Start date

Starts burning after the 90-day activation window

License Management

All licenses within an org expire on the same date


Each license assigned to a device will expire independently. This causes keeping track of several expiration end dates of device licenses

License Expiration

Co-term Weighted Average calculates one end date for all the devices

Separate expiration dates across all the devices, networks, and organization

License Change

Adding, moving, or renewing licenses will result in re-calculation of the org end date

Adding or moving licensing will have no effect to other individual licenses in the org 

License Association

At the Org Level

At the device level

License Assignment

Not required


License Queuing 

Not Supported


Extend the duration of the device by queueing additional unused licenses

License Enforcement Action

Org Shutdown

Device Shutdown

MX Product Edition

Single-tier Product Edition set at the org level

Single-tier Product Edition set at the org level

MR Product Edition

Single-tier Product Edition set at the org level

Multi-Tier Product Edition set at the device level

MS Product Edition

Single-tier Product Edition set at the org level

Multi-Tier Product Edition set at the device level

License Automation

APIs available to List, and Move licenses 

APIs available to Claim, Assign, move licenses 

Step 2: Justify

Justify “why” PDL is the right licensing model for your business and do you align/agree with the above considerations.  

  • Please provide reasons in writing to document this conversion and confirmation

Step 3: Establish Point of No return 

Once verified and If the sales rep is actively involved, please get a final sign-off from the Sales team that they are aware and they agree with this move to PDL.  Support will determine the point of no return i.e. it is good to mention that rollback to co-term is not possible once converted to PDL at any cost.

Step 4: Final Confirmation

Once confirmed and all above requirements are met. Support will enable the button to convert to PDL

Step 5: Conversion

 At this point, As organization admins, you can go through the conversion process independently by navigating to the Organization > License Info page. 

License status indicator for the organization.

Exceptions: MSPs using the existing PDL model:

To reduce complexity for multi-org customers who are currently using the PDL model and require the creation of new PDL organizations to serve their customers, we will use the following steps: 

As a solution we propose customers use the Organization Cloning workflow as documented here: Org Clone or shown below:

GIF video demo of cloning a new organization.