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Resetting a Dashboard Administrator's Password

Resetting Process

A password reset is usually performed when Dashboard users lose or forget their credentials. However, password reset is a necessary step when administrators of multiple organizations/networks or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) want to add a new organization to their multi-org dashboard view. For more information on issues showing multiple organizations under a same dashboard account please click here.

This page outlines the password reset of Dashboard admins, not SAML admins. Further, an organization admin cannot reset or modify a network admin password. 

The following instructions explain how to perform a Dashboard password reset.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard login page, at, insert your e-mail address, click Next, and then Forgot password?

Dashboard Login Page - Forgot Password Button

  1. Password reset link should be emailed to the provided address automatically. 

Dashboard Login Page - Forgot Password - Link Emailed

  1. If the email address provided is registered as a valid Meraki Dashboard account, find the password reset confirmation email. Follow the link provided to enter and confirm a new password. This link will expire after one day. 

Note: You can set a previously used password. This is useful for users that perform the password reset with the only purpose of adding new organization to their multi-org view and not to change their password.


Reset Password Form

Troubleshooting Missing Password Reset Emails

If you've made a password reset request and have not received it, the following steps may help resolve this issue:

  1. Check your spam folder. Meraki emails are often flagged by spam filters.
  2. Using an incognito window, go to the dashboard sign in page, enter your sign-in email and do the normal "Forgot my password" reset.
  3. Reset your password from a different browser. It is possible there's an invisible page error preventing the reset email from being sent.
  4. Add as a whitelisted domain on your email server. All emails from Meraki are sent from this domain.
  5. If there are other admins on the dashboard Organization, have one of them try to reset their password. This helps narrow down whether it's an account issue or not.
  6. If there are other admins on the dashboard Organization, have one of them add a Gmail email account to their admin list and have that email reset its password.
  7. If your company is using something like a corporate Google email solution, and the email you are trying to reset the password for is actually a distribution list ( group) -- make sure to check that this particular group has permissions set to accept emails from outside your organization. To test this, send yourself an email from an external domain.
  8. If your company is using Office 365, the mail filters block all mails from for password reset. These mail are deleted even before the emails go to the Junk or Spam folder. Be sure to whitelist the domain.
  9. Contact support.

Note: Make sure that you are attempting to reset an Cisco Meraki Dashboard administrator account and not a Cisco Meraki Guest account. The guest account portal interface looks different and can be in seen the screenshot below. Instructions for resetting a Cisco Meraki Guest account can be found in this KB Resetting Passwords for Network Users.

Dashboard Login - Cisco Meraki Guest Account


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