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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Management traffic for Cisco Meraki devices

As part of the Cisco Meraki cloud management platform, statistics, configuration, and other information for devices can be found in Dashboard. To maintain this information and monitor device reachability, each device uses about 1 Kbps (more or less depends on the device type and the configured features) to securely communicate with Dashboard. Thus even a network with 100 Cisco Meraki devices would only generated about 100 Kbps of management traffic under normal conditions. Some devices may communicate more data to the clould management platform than others depends on the enabled features. For example The MX sends and receives information about the configured security features, the MS devices don't.

If a configuration change, firmware update, or polling of live information needs to occur, additional management traffic will be generated as a result.

For more information on the Cloud Management platform, please read the Cloud Management whitepaper.

If any Cisco Meraki devices are having trouble reaching Dashboard, please make sure the necessary rules have been added to any upstream firewalls. Information about what ports and IP addresses are used for management traffic can be found under Help > Firewall info in Dashboard.