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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Locating the MAC Address of Cisco Meraki Devices

A MAC address is a unique hardware address that is useful for identifying a device. Cisco Meraki MAC addresses can be found using several methods.

Physical Inspection of Device

The MAC address can be found by physically locating the device information sticker on the device. An example of the information sticker on a MR16 access point is below.



Dashboard Device Page

The MAC address can also be found in the Dashboard if the device has successfully checked into Dashboard.The following image shows the MAC address on a MR33 access point listed in Dashboard:


2017-07-13 14_35_11-Access Points - Meraki Dashboard.png


Device Local Status Page

The MAC address can also be found by accessing the device's local status page. Reference our Local Status Page documentation for more information on accessing the local status page.

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