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Blocking Devices on Your Meraki Go Network

Sometimes you may have a device that you don’t want on your network. Maybe it’s a random patron’s laptop that is doing inappropriate things, or a friend-of-a-friend’s phone that got your WiFi password, and shouldn’t be connected. Meraki Go makes it easy to block devices from specific wireless networks.

Blocking and Unblocking a Device

Blocking a device can be done from the Device Details page. This can be accessed directly from the Home screen by selecting the “unique devices” number, or by browsing to your network details, and selecting a device from the list.

Once you are looking at the Device Details screen, you can click “Settings” in the upper-right. This will bring you to the Device Blocking screen, where you can select which which networks the device should be blocked on.

Unblocking a device is very similar to blocking a device. While viewing the Device Details screen for a device, you’ll want to deselect the network that you no longer want to block the client on. If a client is not selected, it will not be blocked.



Identifying a Blocked Device

There are a few ways to identify a blocked device. One is from the Devices list, and one is the from the Device Details screen.

Device List and Device Details


Blocked Page Example

When a user tries to access a website, they will be presented with one of two pages, depending on if they were attempting to access the website over HTTP or HTTPS.


With HTTP, users will see a screen indicating to them that this page has been blocked.


Due to the nature of HTTPS, we aren't able to present a blocked page. Intead, users will just be unable to access the website, and will instead most likely receive a timeout page.

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