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Cisco Meraki

Multi-Admin Access with Meraki Go


Meraki Go organizations can be shared with multiple administrators to allow them full access to network data and control over settings for the organization.

Meraki Go user accounts cannot be created using an email already associated with an Enterprise Meraki account.

Add an Administrator

  • Navigate to Settings > Account > Admins 
  • Select the + to add another administrator using their name and email address.  

An email address sourcing from a Meraki Go mailer will inform the user they have been added as an administrator.

Meraki GO notification login.png


If the user does not currently have a Meraki Go account, the email will provide a link for the user to create one.

Meraki Go multi org create account.png


While multi-admin access typically updates in a short period of time, please allow our system up to 5 minutes to process this change prior to logging in to the newly added account.

Choose a Company

Users associated with multiple Meraki Go companies can easily switch back and forth between them.

  • Navigate to Settings > Account
  • Select Change Company
  • Select the Meraki Go Company to transition seamlessly.

Meraki GO choose org admin.png

Remove Admin

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account > Admins
  2. Select the admin to remove and tap Delete
    Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 11.46.06 AM.png