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Meraki Go - Landing Pages

Meraki Go wireless networks offer the ability to prompt users that are connecting to pass through a Landing Page. This is a way to provide a customized prompt that users will need to pass through to access the network.


By default the click-through landing page will look similar to the following

landing page example

None (direct access)

When “None” is selected, users will not be prompted with a Landing Page when connecting to the network. Instead they will connect and have access right away.


None landing page

Click-Through Landing Page

When Click-through landing page is selected, users will be prompted with a pop up window when first connecting to the network, with a button that is required to be clicked for them to continue onto the network.


click through example


Users connecting to a network configured with a Landing Page will be reprompted to go through the page every 24 hours.


Each Meraki Go click-through landing page allows you to configure a custom message for users to see. This can be configured by going to your network’s Settings > Landing page > Click-through landing page > Customize.

customize example

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