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Meraki Go - What is an SFP Port?

Meraki Go GS SFP Ports

All Meraki Go GS switches are equipped with SFP ports that all the use of fiber optic, copper, or direct attach (twinax cables).

What is an SFP port?

An SFP port is a port that interfaces via a device called an SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable). An SFP can come in many variations, allowing for flexibility in the type of connection that can be used (eg an SFP is often used to allow you to allow a connection over fiber optic cable).

Note: SFP ports do not allow for Power over Ethernet. More information about Power over Ethernet can be found here.


SFP ports are a great way to connect multiple Meraki Go GS switches to free up additional ethernet ports for client devices.

How to tell an SFP port?

When looking at your Meraki Go GS, the last 2 or 4 ports (grouped separately) are the SFP ports. You can see that they are slightly different from the regular ethernet ports in their appearance. From the Meraki Go App, you can identify the SFP ports by their unique icon.

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