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MG Troubleshooting

Resolving Common MG Issues

No Lights when the Gateway is Powered On 

  • Try connecting the gateway to a different power source

  • Try using a different power cable or Ethernet cable for PoE

Gateway has a Solid Amber Power LED 

A solid amber power LED indicates that the gateway is unable to reach dashboard. This is rarely indicative of hardware failure, the following troubleshooting steps may help resolve the issue:

  • Connect to the appliance's local status page and check the management IP configuration.

    • If the appliance should be getting a dynamic IP configuration via DHCP, see if it received an IP address. 

    • If the appliance needs a static IP configuration, make sure that is set correctly.

    • Make sure the appliance's management VLAN is configured correctly, or left blank if it should be untagged.

  • Make sure there are no upstream firewalls that could be blocking the appliance's management traffic.

  • When troubleshooting cellular signal or connectivity issues, one of the MG21 cellular gateway’s LAN ports can be reconfigured as a wired WAN uplink. See the MG21 local status page guide for instructions on reconfiguring the LAN port role. Then plug the gateway into another device like a laptop, to test for internet connectivity.


On inserting SIM card in an MG21, the device relies on the SIM card subscription to establish a connection with the network. If the SIM card has a valid subscription, the MG21 registers with the network and establishes a data connection with the network.


If all else fails, try performing a factory reset on the device. See the MG21 installation guide for steps on performing a factory reset.

Cloud Connectivity Prerequisites

These are the prerequisites before MG21 can communicate with dashboard or provide a data connection

  • SIM card inserted should have a valid subscription with an active data plan

  • Data plans can be negotiated with the carriers. The data plans provide the quantum of data for uploading/downloading over the network. Post expiry of the data plan, MG21 cannot communicate to dashboard or provide active data connection



  • SIM PIN - If the SIM card has a PIN lock for security purposes, please reach out to the Service provider for obtaining the SIM card PIN. Without inputting the SIM PIN, the MG21 cannot establish a data connection with the network

  • If there is no SIM PIN or correct SIM PIN is inputted, the MG21 will automatically try to establish data session with the network. Once the MG21 has established data connection with network and is able to successfully communicate with Meraki dashboard, the LED will turn to purple


Why MG21 Cannot Establish Data Connection/LED Does not turn purple

  • The MG21 has inbuilt connection settings i.e APN, user, password, authentication type. The MG21 will automatically look at the operator type and use the needed connection setting to establish data session.

  • Since MG21 is still in development, we may have missed the needed connection settings to automatically establish connection. In such a case, the needed connection settings like APN, user, password etc can be provided through the local status page.

  • Even after providing the needed connection settings, if the MG21 LED shows orange after 10 minutes, it could be the case where the Service Provide does not allow the IMEI to be used on the network. Usually the Service Provide uploads the IMEIs to their network backend before a device can be used on the network. Please confirm the  completed, the network won’t recognize the device.

  • If all steps are completed, the MG21 will register on the Service provider network and try establishing data connection.

  • If the MG21 is in unregistered or Limited Service state, please post it on the beta forums as this may be need additional troubleshooting.




  1. If incorrect SIM PIN is entered three times, the SIM card locks up. The only way to recover from this situation is to obtain SIM PUK key from the Service Provider. 


  1. If for some reason, the MG21 does not show connected in dashboard, it’s advisable to call up the Service provider and provide the IMEI/IMSI from the local status page and check if MG21 is permitted to be on the provider’s network.

  2. The usage of cellular data can be obtained from MG21 dashboard.


No Link Lights when Connecting a Device to an Ethernet Port 

  1. Make sure the connected device is on and working.

    • Try connecting the device to another port on the same gateway.

    • Try connecting the device to a switch or some other network appliance.

  2. Swap the Ethernet cable with a known working cable.

  3. Perform a factory reset on the device.


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