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The Wireless WAN (MG) line of hardware provides reliable connectivity over an LTE cellular connection for any of your network edge devices, as well as connectivity insights to understand the quality of your connection.MI-badge_dark-bg_200.png

MG21/21E Datasheet

The MG21 cellular gateway simplifies the path to wireless WAN connectivity and makes cellular a viable uplink option for many networks. MG21 acts as a gateway to cellular networks, by converting LTE signal from a cellular provider to an ethernet handoff, which can be used as an internet uplink for a variety of use-cases.

MG21/21E Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to install and configure your MG21 or MG21E series device. This guide also provides mounting instructions and limited troubleshooting procedures. 

MG Troubleshooting Guide

The document provides common troubleshooting steps for the Meraki MG series of products.


MG Wireless WAN Dashboard Settings
The MG cellular gateways can be configured on Dashboard under Cellular Gateway > Settings. The following settings can be configured on the MG cellular...
MG Cellular Dipole Antenna Datasheet
The dipole antennas (MA-ANT-C1-A) are included with the MG21E. When in use the dipoles have a spherical coverage in comparison to a patch antenna. The...
MG Templates Best Practices
As a network deployment grows to span multiple sites, managing individual devices can become highly cumbersome and unnecessary. To help alleviate thes...
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