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Root Cause Analysis for Web App Health


The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) feature is focused on providing information to IT admin and users alike who would like to understand the root cause of an application problem. Currently, customers receive an alert that notifies the domain LAN, WAN, or Server showing the problem with the red cross and takes them to the troubleshooting page for deeper analysis.

While it's good to have granularity in the data, it's key to quickly identify the root cause of the problem and also provide some good next steps for the issue at hand. 


To enable this feature, you will need to enable alerts under " Manage alerts" on the Web App health page.

User Flow

RCA via Email

Once the alert is triggered, the recipient of the email will get an email notifying the Application in a given network having an issue with a root cause. To see more details, click on the "see event details" that will take you to the troubleshooting page.                 1 Root Cause Analysis for Web App Health showing RCA via email.png

The troubleshooting page will have a banner that will display a banner with the Root cause and have a "see recommendations" link to open the side panel for more detailed diagnosis.

2 Root Cause Analysis for Web App Health showing troubleshooting page root cause.png

  1. By clicking the ‘see recommendations’ on the banner, a slide-out panel will open providing details of the issue including:

    1. Root cause of the issue

    2. The alert generated stating the app problem

    3. The confidence in the root cause

    4. The evidence that triggered the alert

    5. Impact on clients

    6. Recommended next steps

All the root causes that Meraki Insight currently looks at are detailed in the Dashboard Alerts - Insight. Please refer to that KB article for more information on how each root cause is determined and what is the next recommended steps.

3 Root Cause Analysis for Web App Health showing dashboard web app health LAN alerts and RCA modal.png

RCA via Alert Hub

The Alert hub icon is a place that holds all the imminent dashboard alerts across all products. This will now have the capability to show the alerts for Application health under Meraki insight along with the Root Cause Analysis in form of a side panel.

4 Root Cause Analysis for Web App Health showing dashboard alerts section with RCA modal and insight issues modal.png

Clicking the alert hub will open up to all the alerts. The 'insight issues' module will host all the web app alerts. Clicking on the 'WAN 1' chevron will open the slide-out panel with the same information as you would get if you came in via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will RCA be provided for all issues on LAN, WAN, and Server?

     Currently, RCA for Web App health will be available only for causes that are triggered due to WAN issues ONLY


2. Will RCA be provided for WAN and VoIP issues when alerts are configured for WAN and VoIP under Alert Management?

     WAN and VoIP health does not have RCA for the alerts are enabled under the Alert Management page.

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