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Configuring a Prepaid Card Billing SSID

Prepaid cards enable a network owner to generate pin codes and provide those pin codes to potential users. The network owner can use this as a way to charge users for access without using the Cisco Meraki payment system.

Enabling a Prepaid Card Billing SSID

  1. Navigate to Wireless > Configure > SSIDs
  2. Enable / Name the SSID to be used for prepaid card access
  3. Navigate to Wireless > Configure > Access Control
  4. Select the prepaid card SSID from the SSID drop down menu
  5. Under Association Requirements, select Open (no encryption)
  6. Under Splash Page, select Billing (paid access)
  7. Under Billing Plans, define the desired billing plans (i.e. $5 for all day)
    • This can be an arbitrary value if only using pin numbers for guest access. 
      • Multiple plan options can be configured, but just have different costs.
        • Note: We have seen some recent issues when trying to save the Access Control > Billing (paid access) > Pricing plans value in Dashboard. Please contact our 24x7 support if this value is not being saved accordingly.
  8. Under Prepaid Cards, choose an option
    1. Use normal billing page
      • No customization of splash page
    2. Use fast prepaid login page (prepaid cards only)
      • Allows for splash page customization
  9. Under Payment Options, choose an option with prepaid cards.
  10. Save changes 

Generating Prepaid Codes

Note: Prepaid cards cannot be voided. Codes cannot be generated until at least one billing SSID has been enabled. If using a fast prepaid login page, generated codes must be equal in value to one of the configured pricing plans.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Wireless > Configure > Prepaid cards.
    2017-07-24 09_09_47-Prepaid Cards - Meraki Dashboard.png
  2. Click on Create a new batch of prepaid card numbers.
  3. Enter the face value, quantity, expiration and notes in the proper fields for the new batch of prepaid cards.
    • Expiration refers to when the code will expire, not when wireless access will end. After this expiration date, the code can no longer be used.
    • Only 1000 pin codes can be created in each batch.
    • The Face value must match one of the options configured under Billing plans earlier.
      2017-07-24 09_10_26-Prepaid Cards - Meraki Dashboard.png
  4. Click on Create Batch once the batch information is entered.
  5. If additional batches, of same or different values, are needed, simply repeat steps 2-4 as many times as desired.

NOTE: Prepaid card batches are mapped to the Admin that created them. Upon deletion of that Admin from the Org, the batches created by that admin will be invalidated.

Once a client uses the splash page to enter a pin code, the purchased time period will begin. So if a pin code valid for 1 day (24 hours) of service is entered on the splash page at 1pm, it will expire the following day at 1pm. Pin codes are only valid for one device

Note: If enabling on an SSID with users already connected using a splash page, they will not be prompted to enter a PIN until their authorization expires. If the SSID never had a splash page, clients will be prompted to enter a PIN code as soon as they try to access a web page.

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