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Customizing Splash Pages for Fast Prepaid Card Billing SSIDs

By default a Billing Splash page cannot be customized. However, Billing Splash pages using Prepaid cards can be customized when Fast prepaid login is enabled. This article will outline how to enable and configure the Fast Prepaid Card billing option.


1. Under the Configure > Access control tab, select 'Billing' under the splash page option.

2017-07-25 08_56_39-Access Control Configuration - Meraki Dashboard.png

2. Scroll further down the page and select the new 'Use fast prepaid login page' under the 'prepaid access' and define a single pricing plan:

2017-07-25 08_57_37-Access Control Configuration - Meraki Dashboard.png

Users must have a prepaid card whose dollar amount exactly matches just one of the pricing plans defined above. (This requires having no more than one pricing plan with a given price.) The user will be given access with the pricing plan that matches their prepaid card.


3. Customize the look and feel of the default splash page if desired. This can be configured under the Configure > Splash page settings tab. Click the 'Preview' tab to view the default page:


4. Generate and issue prepaid codes for end users under Configure > Prepaid codes. Codes are issued with a certain value attached; this value must match the plan that you have defined in step 2. The codes can be downloaded as a CSV file or viewed in Dashboard.

2017-07-25 08_58_40-Prepaid Cards - Meraki Dashboard.png

The Monitor > Splash logins page reports the network usage and client device information for each issued Prepaid code.

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