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Meraki XML API

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The Meraki Dashboard provides an XML API that lets you build applications that monitor your Cisco Meraki wireless networks and also share information with others.  We also provide a KML feed that can be used to display your AP locations in Google Earth. The Public network status page is the feature in Dashboard that provides this functionality.


Navigate to Network-wide > Configure > General > Public network status page. From the Sharing field, select from three levels of information sharing:

  • disabled: Public network status page is not available.
  • enabled, but hide geographic locations: The same as "enabled" but without latitude and longitude information.
  • enabled: Allows access to all of the information below.


Information available:

  • the name of your network
  • AP MAC addresses and names
  • neighboring APs
  • geographic location
  • channel
  • public IP address
  • Gateway/repeater status
  • Users and usage for the last day
  • etc.


Then enter a Network handle which will be used in the URL to identify the network. Lastly, click Save Changes.


Once enabled, several URLs will appear under the Network status page address section.

  • HTML - Provides a graphical high level summary of the network.
  • XML - Provides an XML file with information of the network and APs.
  • KML - Provides mapping information for passing to Google Earth.

Note: Please be aware that these data feeds are not updated in real time. They contain about a 60 minute delay.

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