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Receive Start of Packet (RX-SOP)

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Receiver Start of Packet Detection Threshold (RX-SOP) determines the Wi-Fi signal level in dBm at which an AP radio will demodulate and decode a packet. The higher the RX-SOP level, the less sensitive the radio is and the smaller the receiver cell size will be. By reducing the cell size, we ensure that clients are connected to the nearest access point using the highest possible data rates. This is ideal for high-density environments such as stadiums and large auditoriums, where there are a large number of client devices connected per AP. In a high-density environment, the smaller the cell size, the better since client devices can seamlessly move to the closest AP and expect better performance due to a better link budget.


As the RX-SOP value increase, only packets of a higher RSSI value are decoded by the AP’s radio. This decreases the cell size as shown in the figure above, but ensures that all clients are connected with a good RSSI value.


The RX-SOP value is set to radio’s default value and needs to be manually configured on a case by case basis.

The table below gives the recommended values for RX-SOP in high density deployments

802.11 Band High Threshold Medium Threshold Low Threshold
5 GHz -76 dBm -78 dBm -80 dBm
2.4 GHz -79 dBm -82 dBm -85 dBm

RX-SOP is supported on 802.11 ac Wave 2 APs and 802.11 ax APs i.e. MR30H/33/42/52/53/74/84/42E/53E/45/55 starting firmware version MR25.x

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