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Cisco Meraki

Port Schedules

The MS Series port schedule feature allows you to setup recurring time-based ports easily with just a few clicks.

Under Configure > Port schedules, you can setup up to five custom port schedules. In the example below, "Energy saving mode" is the name of our port schedule and enables ports seven days a week between the hours of 8AM and 5PM PST. The local time zone is based on settings under Configure > Alerts and administration.

Once you create a port schedule, simply apply it to desired ports under Configure > Switch ports.

If you configure a port to be disabled and then apply a port schedule, the disabled port takes precedence over any port schedule applied.

Configure > Port schedules

image2013-1-24 15-10-31.png

Configure > Switch ports

image2013-1-24 15-13-45.png

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