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Assigning a Static IP Address

By default, when you setup a switch, it will try to attain connectivity via DHCP. You can also configure a static IP address through Dashboard or through the local configuration page

If a static assignment fails, then the switch will automatically fall back on DHCP for its IP assignment.

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To configure a static IP address via Dashboard, go to Switch > Monitor > Switches, select the appropriate switch, and click the pencil icon next to LAN IP:


Local IP Assignment 

  1. Connect a client to the MS. The local status page can be accessed via any ethernet port on the device.
  2. Once you have obtained an IP address, browse to the url
  3. On this page, click Uplink Configuration.
  4. The page should now prompt for login credentials. If local login credentials were configured via Dashboard, please use these credentials. Otherwise, the default login is the device's serial number as the username and a blank password.  
    Each device is labeled with its serial number on the bottom label.
  5. On the Uplink Configuration page, set the needed connection information.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.29.10.png

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