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MT30 Datasheet - Smart Automation Button



Organizations are turning toward digital technologies to streamline processes, create new customer experiences, and adapt to evolving business challenges. 


The Cisco Meraki MT30, part of the Meraki MT sensor portfolio, is a smart automation button designed to automate common tasks or trigger specific actions at the press of a button. MT30 comes with an automation builder feature on the Meraki dashboard that makes it easy to build workflows custom to your business needs, including native integrations with other Meraki products. 


With the click of a button, MT30 can alert staff members when a customer needs assistance, turn off Wi-Fi to help students focus in school, replenish material on a manufacturing line, or control office lighting to decrease energy consumption. With MT30 and the cloud-first Meraki platform, anything is possible. 

Smart sensors. Smarter businesses

Meraki MT accelerates deployment, simplifies management, and provides data-driven business outcomes. Wire-free installation, flexible mounting options, and automatic pairing make it easy to provision thousands of sensors in a short amount of time. Centralized cloud management and open APIs enable MT sensors to be managed alongside other networked devices or integrated with any business system. 


Product highlights


Empowering automations

  • Gain value from existing infrastructure by remotely automating MV, MR, and MS features

  • Automate from anywhere with events triggered directly from the Meraki mobile app

  • Build applications custom for your business through the vast partner ecosystem

Custom alerts and analytics

  • Never miss an event with real-time alerts via email, SMS, push notification, or webhook

  • Analyze data your way with .csv, .xls, API, or MQTT export options


Cloud-first architecture

  • Cloud-based management eliminates the need for on-premises servers

  • Visibility alongside other Meraki products on the dashboard empowers lean teams


Simple and secure connectivity

  • Streamline deployment with automatic wireless connectivity to MR/MV gateways

  • Secure device authentication and encryption with the Cisco Trust Anchor module

Technical specifications:

Sensor details


Trigger events with customizable button presses on MT30

Dashboard Automation Builder features

  • Capture a time-stamped MV snapshot

  • Enable/disable MR SSID

  • Toggle on/off MS switch port

  • Send push, SMS, email with custom messages

  • Generate webhook alert

  • Trigger an API call

Wireless capabilities


Bluetooth® Low Energy

Compatible MV smart cameras and MR access points

Operating frequency

2.400–2.4835 GHz

IEEE standard

802.15.1 (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2)

Data logging


Data sampling

Data reporting to gateway every 20 minutes, or immediately upon threshold violation or button press

Onboard data storage

Up to five days of data storage


Secure Bluetooth Low Energy messaging using long-term key (LTK)


One AA battery or USB-C power adapter

Battery life up to five years

Power ratings: 5V; 0.1A

Physical characteristics

Dimensions: 117.1 mm (L) x 65.9 mm (W) x 26.0 mm (H)

Weight (excluding batteries): 102g

Battery compartment

Multicolor, multifunction status LED

General-purpose button

Reset button

USB-C port (receptacle connector)

Operating environment


Temperature: -18°C to +55°C (0°F to +131°F)

Relative humidity: 0 to 95% RH



Three-year hardware warranty with advanced replacement


IP55 rated

Ordering information



Meraki smart automation button


Meraki MT Enterprise License (X = 1, 3, 5, 7 years)


External power adapter
(XX= US, EU, UK, or AU)

MA-PWR-ETH USB-C to Ethernet adapter

Note: Each Meraki MT sensor requires a license to operate, however every dashboard organization comes standard with five free MT licenses to help get started. 

In the box


Quick-start and installation guide

One AA battery

Mounting equipment

Wall-mount backplate


VHB tape

Two mounting screws

Two drywall anchors


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