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Cisco Meraki Documentation

MT40 Datasheet - Smart Power Controller


The Cisco Meraki MT40 smart power controller is the latest addition to the MT sensor portfolio. MT40, combined with the rest of the MT family, provides remote visibility into physical conditions and equipment status and power consumption to minimize unplanned downtime, extend equipment lifespan, and benchmark energy usage to quantify sustainability initiatives.


MT40, an inline power monitor, provides insight into power usage, intelligent alerting, and remote control of power status to improve sustainability, speed troubleshooting in remote deployments and streamline operations by enabling a more efficient response to power outages. 

Smart sensors. Smarter businesses

Meraki MT sensors accelerate deployment, simplify management, and provide data-driven business outcomes. Wire-free installation, flexible mounting options, and automatic pairing make it easy to provision thousands of sensors in a short amount of time. Centralized cloud management and open APIs enable MT sensors to be managed alongside other networked devices or integrated with any business system.