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MT Frequently Asked Questions


This article is intended to provide a summary of the frequently asked questions on MT Sensors.


How does licensing work?

MT sensors require a Dashboard license to operate however, the licenses are not Hardware SKU specific. 

How does the free licensing work?

Similar to the free MV Sense licenses, Meraki provides 5 free licenses for MT Sensors to all (new and existing) organizations and these licenses do not expire. Note that these licenses cannot be transferred to another organization in either Co-term or PDL model.


How do MT’s communicate with the Meraki Dashboard?

MT Sensors uses BLE to communicate with Meraki IoT gateways. Supported IoT gateway devices are 2nd Generation MV’s and Wi-Fi 6 MR’s. Full list of supported gateways below.

MV12(W/NE), MV22(X), MV32, MV72(X) Wifi 5 Wave 2 APs - MR33, MR42, MR42E, MR52, MR53, MR53E, MR74 and MR84
Wifi 6 APs - MR36, MR36H, MR44, MR45, MR46, MR46E, MR55, MR56, MR76, MR86 

WARNING: Environmental sensors are only supported with second-generation MV cameras and compatible MR APs.

Does MT Sensors support Wifi 5 (802.11ac Wave 2) APs as gateway?

Yes. The MT functionality was ported to support Wifi 5 APs as gateway. The minimum firmware requirement for MT support on Wifi 5 APs is MR 28.3+. Please refer to the List of Compatible gateways for an accurate and up to date list of supported gateways.

How does the sensor connect to its gateway?

As long as the minimum requirements are met as per the Installation Guides and the sensor is within range of the gateway, it will automatically connect to any gateway that picks up the BLE advertisement of the sensor

What happens when MT’s can’t communicate with the Cisco Meraki Dashboard?

MT Sensors have onboard storage that will retain the last ~5 days of data. Upon reconnecting to the Cisco Meraki dashboard, all data points will be uploaded.

Sampling rate and frequency of connections

In order to conserve battery life, MT sensors are in sleep mode majority of the time. They wake up at a set regular interval to connect and report the data to the gateway which in turn uploads it to the Meraki Cloud. Below is the sampling rate and connections per device type:

MT10 Data Sampling: 2 minutes
Connection Interval: 20 minutes
MT11(w/ Temperature Probes)

Data Sampling: 2 minutes
Connection Interval: 20 minutes

MT12 Data Sampling: Event Driven
Connection Interval: 20 minutes
MT20 Data Sampling: Event Driven
Connection Interval: 20 minutes

All sensors will wake up immediately if a configured threshold has been violated or if any event occurs in binary sensors like MT12 or MT20.


What Firmware on MV and MR is required for MT to work?

MV 4.8 + Wifi 5 APs - MR 28.5.1 +
Wifi 6 APs - MR 27.6 + 

Please refer to Managing Firmware Upgrades to schedule an upgrade.


How far can the MTs be placed from the MR/MV gateway?

MT sensors use BLE 4.2 to communicate with the gateway. Since BLE operates between 2.402 and 2.480 GHz, the range depends on the same principles as 2.4 GHz Wifi. 

How many sensors can be used per gateway?

It is recommended to have a maximum of 32 sensors per gateway to ensure connection quality.

Minimum Firmware requirement for a gateway to support 32 sensors:

MR - 28.5+

MV - 4.14+

Any firmware older than above only supports 8 sensors per gateway

Are MTs rated for outdoor use?

No, MT devices are designed for indoor use only.  The MT12 is IPX5 rated (Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray) and has a rubber liner to separate the power/battery compartment from being splashed or exposed to water.  Still recommended NOT to submerge in water as the rating states.

What are the supported temperature and humidity ranges for the MT10?

The temperature sensor supports 0°C - 55°C / 32F - 131F (Accuracy: +/- 0.3°C) while using the included AA batteries. The humidity sensor ranges from 0-95%.  That said, it is NOT an outdoor (IP67) or harsh environment rated product. 

MT11 Temperature Probes supported range

Below are the specified temperature ranges of the MT11 temperature probes. Note that the operating temperature of the MT11 body is 0°C - 55°C / 32F - 131F.

Bare Metal Probe(MA-CBL-TEMP-ME-1)
Range: -40°C - 55°C
-10°C - 55°C = +/- 0.5°C
-30°C - 55°C = +/- 1°C
-40°C - 55°C = +/- 2°C

Glycol Probe(MA-CBL-TEMP-GL-1)
Range: -40°C - 55°C
-10°C - 55°C = +/- 0.5°C
-30°C - 55°C = +/- 1°C
-40°C - 55°C = +/- 2°C

Can MT10 be used to monitor temperature and humidity inside of a freezer?

The sensors are not IP rated and we do not recommend installing them inside of freezers.

Can the MT11 Temperature Probes be used to monitor temperature of fluids?

No. MT11 Temperature probes are not rated to monitor temperature of any fluids, including water. 

Does the MT10/MT11 Temperature Sensors need to be calibrated?

No. The MT10 Temperature sensor and the MT11 Temperature probes uses a digital sensor that comes pre-calibrated during the manufacturing process. This means no calibration is required during the setup or installation.

What part of the MT12 is capable of detecting water?

The full length of the cable can detect water as little as 3mL. The included cable is 8ft long, and can be extended to 16ft with an optional second cable attachment.

How are the MT sensors powered?  

All MT products will come with AA batteries(Alkaline) included, and these batteries will last for about 5 years of powering the unit. That said, if you want a “permanent” powering solution, there will be a USB Power adapter available at launch (MA-PWR-USB-XX) that can be used on the MT10 and MT12.  The MT20 ONLY supports battery operation. 

 5 years of battery life is projected based on the included 2.5V Alkaline batteries. Other types of batteries can be used but the battery life may vary.

Alerting and Monitoring

What kinds of alerting does MT sensors support?

MT sensors support Email and SMS alerts out of the box, no Twilio or similar integrations needed. They also support Webhook alerts out of the box.  It will also support Push updates from the Meraki App. Please refer to Sensor Alert Profile article in order to set up alerting.

Do MT sensors support API’s?

Yes. Sensor API endpoints are currently in Beta version. Please contact Meraki Support to enable the Sensor API endpoints for your organization if you wish to test it.


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