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Sensor Sight


Sensor Sight is a new integration combining Meraki MV Cameras and the MT sensors together to bring a cohesive user experience between both products.

The integration is broken down into 2 parts:

  1. MV live stream and snapshots on Sensor Details page

  2. MT Sensor Events(only Alert Events) on MV Video Timeline.  

Requirements and Capabilities

The minimum requirements for setting up the integration are at least 1 2nd Gen or 3rd MV Camera and any of the MT sensors. The supported MVs are as listed below

Model Capabilities
MV2 Live stream only. No snapshot capabilities supported (even with CA enabled)
MV32, MV93(X) Only Fisheye view. Dewarping is not supported on live stream or snapshots
MV12(N/W/WE), MV22(X), MV63(X), MV72(X) Live Stream and Snapshots available based on the Camera's rentention profile


Before we dive into the setup itself, let's explore how MV and MTs are mapped to each other.

Here's a quick reference about how the mapping works for the sensors:

✅  Many Sensors: 1 Camera

❌  Many Cameras: 1 sensor


Based on the reference above, from a Sensor perspective, a user can only assign a single Camera. However, a single camera can have multiple sensors associated with it.

For example, a user can assign an MT10, MT12, MT14 and an MT20 to a single camera that covers the entire FoV. However, from a sensor perspective, multiple cameras cannot be viewed.


Assign a Camera

In order to get started with features from both MV and MT UI respectively, one of the first steps is to Assign a Camera. Once you have the setup completed, both parts of integration will be available.


  1. Navigate to a specific Sensor Details Page

  2. Click on Link a Camera on the left side rail above the Map

  1. This will direct the user to the Assign Camera tab with a Camera Picker similar to the Video Wall setup.

Assign Camera page will only show Cameras that the logged in user has access to. If the admin doesn't have Video Viewing privileges, the list will be empty.

  1. Once an MV is selected, the user will be redirected to the Summary tab and the current live stream will be displayed on the new thumbnail in the side rail. Again, note that the live stream also takes user permissions into account.

Bulk Assignment

On the sensor list page, users can select multiple sensors using the checkbox and under More Actions, select Manage Related MVs to assign an MV to multiple sensors at once.

MV assignment is only logical from a Dashboard perspective. This DOES NOT mean that the MT will only connect to the assigned Camera. The device connectivity process and gateway selection is independent of the assignments.

Feature Walkthrough

MV Live stream and Snapshots

After the setup is completed, users can now

  1. View live stream on the sensor details page.

  2. If an alert profile is assigned, the alert event on timeline will consist of a thumbnail and a time stamped link to the assigned Camera.

Snapshot availability on the Event timeline depends on the assigned MVs video retention policies. Since the snapshot is directly retrieved from the Camera, if the video is unavailable, the snapshot cannot be retrieved as well.

An Alert Profile is required to be assigned to the sensor in order to see snapshots on the Sensor Timeline. 

MT Sensor Events on MV Timeline

Along with the MV information on the MT sensors page, the integration also allows users to look for MT specific events on the video timeline. 

To view that, simply click on the Show Sensor Events button on the Video page.

Note that this button will only show up if at least 1 sensor is associated with the camera.

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