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Motion Heatmaps


The following article will describe how to utilize the MV heatmaps to better understand motion patterns in your environment.

This feature is present under the Analytics tab of each camera.

How it works

Leveraging the cameras existing motion metadata, heat maps show an overview of the last week’s worth of motion data, on a per-day or per-hour basis, giving insight into how a space is being used.




A series of heatmaps are presented for each unit of time per the resolution selected (1 hour/1 day).  Areas of motion observed across all heatmaps in this series are then given an absolute value relative to the total amount of motion. This results in displaying a range of colors to indicate motion in the area, from red (high motion) through to green (low motion). Areas where very little or no motion will not be represented, as they are insignificant compared to motion observed in other areas.


This feature is not accessible by anyone with live video viewing privileges only.

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