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Cisco Meraki

AnyConnect Licensing on the MX Appliance

AnyConnect licensing FAQ

Cisco offers three license tiers: Plus, Apex, and VPN Only. License costs vary based on license type, duration, and user count.

AnyConnect configuration guide

How does AnyConnect licensing work with the Meraki MX/vMX appliance?

Customers are expected to have a valid AnyConnect license to use AnyConnect with the MX Appliance. Customers are not required to validate their licenses via the Meraki MX or the dashboard. Customers will only be required to accept terms and conditions of use before they can enable AnyConnect. If you are already using AnyConnect or setting it up for the first time, there will be a dashboard notification to accept the terms and conditions of use. There will be no disruption of the AnyConnect service for active networks.

Which licenses can I buy?

The AnyConnect Plus license L-AC-PLS-LIC=, Apex license L-AC-APX-LIC= or VPN Only license L-AC-VPNO- will suffice. Currently, the only AnyConnect Apex feature supported on the MX is SAML authentication. For customers needing more information around purchasing an AnyConnect license, see the AnyConnect Ordering Guide and additional FAQ

How do I determine how many AnyConnect licenses to purchase?

The AnyConnect Plus and Apex license models are based on the total number of authorized users that will use the AnyConnect service, not simultaneous connections (either on a per-ASA or shared basis), not total active remote access users. If you have 500 users authorized to use the VPN, you should buy licenses for 500 users.

What if I already have an active AnyConnect license?

If you are an existing AnyConnect customer with Plus, Apex or VPN Only license, you can use AnyConnect on the Meraki MX appliance. This could be a term or perpetual license.

Which license will be honored?

See below. Please note that irrespective of the license used, the features useable will be limited to features supported on the Meraki MX appliance. See ASA vs. MX documentation.




Meraki MX

Plus subscription




Plus perpetual 

Does not expire



Apex subscription 




VPN Only 

Does not expire



How much does the AnyConnect license cost?

License costs vary based on license type, duration, and user count. Please reach out to a Cisco reseller to get a quote.

How do I apply my AnyConnect licenses on my Meraki MX?

Customers are only required to accept terms and conditions of use on the Meraki dashboard after purchasing an AnyConnect license in order to apply it on the MX. There is no linkage of AnyConnect licenses or Smart Accounts to the Meraki Dashboard or MX Appliance.

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 5.42.26 PM.png

Why should I buy an AnyConnect license if I cannot link it to my Dashboard or MX Appliance? 
  • To abide by the license agreement
  • To access for latest client downloads, etc.
  • To access to Cisco Technical Assistance Center
Do I need to generate a token to activate my AnyConnect license on the MX?

No, the MX Appliance/dashboard does not support license activation with tokens.

Will my licenses co-term with Meraki dashboard licenses?

No, your AnyConnect license expiry date will not affect or be affected by the co-term date of the Meraki dashboard.

Which Meraki license is required in addition to my AnyConnect license?

An Enterprise, Advanced Security, or SD-WAN+ license can be used with AnyConnect.

Are there any caveats with AnyConnect licenses on the Meraki MX?

Irrespective of the type of AnyConnect license linked, you will be limited to the features available on the Meraki MX appliance. See ASA vs. MX documentation

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