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Cisco Meraki Documentation

MX Quick Start

  1. Unpack and mount your MX (desktop or rack mount) and power it on.
  2. Make sure the MX can get a DHCP lease from the WAN connection/ISP modem. 
  3. Plug the WAN/internet port into the WAN connection/ISP modem.
  4. After powering on, the MX may need to download the latest firmware image from the cloud. While upgrading, the power LED will flash white. When the MX has fully checked into the Cisco Meraki dashboard, the LED will turn solid white.
  5. Log in to (For any devices that are used in mainland China, please visit and create a new network. Type in the serial number of your security appliance (this can be found on the back or bottom of the unit). This will create a new security appliance network to begin working with your MX appliance.
    • Alternatively, use your phone to scan and onboard your devices with the Meraki mobile app (iOS) (Android).

If you need to set up a static IP address for the WAN connection, please refer to MX Installation Guides.

Learn more with these free online training courses on the Meraki Learning Hub:

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