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Clearing Client Usage Data on the MX Security Appliance

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The MX Security Appliance will clear its client usage data on Monitor > Clients whenever the Client Tracking mode is changed. To clear the client usage data please follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Dashboard account and select your MX network from the Network drop down.
2. Navigate to Security Appliance > Configure > Addressing & VLANs.

3. Take note of the current setting under Client Tracking. The possible options are Track by MAC address and Track by IP address.

4. Change the Client tracking mode by selecting the choice that is not currently selected. For example, if Track by MAC address is selected, chose Track by IP address and if Track by IP address is selected, choose Track by MAC address.
5. Click Save Changes.

6. Click Confirm at the top of the page. 

7. Select the option that was originally chosen, as noted in step 3.

8. Click Save Changes again.

9. Click Confirm again at the top of the page. 


The client usage data has been deleted. This can be verified on the Monitor > Clients page.

Figure 1. Client usage data before changing Client tracking mode. 

Figure 2. Client usage data after changing Client tracking mode. 

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