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Overview and FAQ: MX Product Platforms Restricted in MX18.1

Important Update: Firmware Limitation for End-of-Sale Products 

After the stable release of MX18.2, expected on June 3, 2024, MX18.1 will continue to operate with existing functionality and features. Meraki aims to provide critical security patches for all devices per our firmware versions restrictions documentation.  


In our commitment to delivering quality and stability, Cisco Meraki will be restricting the firmware for a set of end-of-sale devices to MX18.1. These devices are not eligible for MX18.2 firmware or higher. 

This change took effect on Tuesday, October 16, 2023, with the beta release of MX18.2, and has been reflected in the ‘Firmware Upgrades’ page under the ‘Organization’ tab in the Meraki dashboard.  

The following SKUs are restricted to MX18.1: 

  • MX64/64W 

  • MX65/65W 

  • MX84 

  • MX100 

  • vMX100 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are certain MX devices no longer eligible for firmware upgrades?

Meraki regularly evaluates our product offerings to ensure we provide the best possible support and value to our customers. In some cases, end-of-sale devices, such as the MX devices affected by this change, may not be eligible for firmware upgrades due to hardware limitations and the capacity required for new features.

When is the MX18.2 stable release planned for shipment?

The stable release for MX18.2 is currently planned for June 3, 2024

What will happen if I attempt to upgrade my firmware after the stable release of MX18.2, or if I have a scheduled upgrade?

Affected devices will not be able to upgrade. Instead, they will see a dashboard error banner listing all the ineligible networks. 

What does this mean for my MX performance and security?

While new features associated with MX18.2 and above will not be applicable to previous-generation/end-of-sale devices (MX64/W, MX65/W, MX100, vMX100), your MX18.1 firmware will continue to operate with existing functionality and features. 

Will I receive engineering support for my MX after the stable release of MX18.2? 

We aim to provide critical security patches to help ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of previous generation/end-of-sale appliances in our customers’ networks per our firmware versions restrictions documentation.   

What are my options if I want to upgrade devices?

Cisco Meraki has an expansive security and SD-WAN portfolio consisting of several current-generation models that help address varied use cases and scenarios. You have several options to choose from, depending on your specific needs and priorities. Please contact your Cisco Meraki sales representative for more information. You can also view all current-generation appliances here.   

Why does my dashboard show "MX18.2xx.y.z" in the version limits table?

Engineering is updating the versioning table to align with Meraki firmware nomenclature, as follows:  

<Product Name><Major Version>.<Minor Version>.<Maintenance Version>.<Hotfix Version(if applicable)>.  

The versioning you see in dashboard represents the MX18.2xx.y.z firmware release. More information about Meraki firmware conventions can be found in our documentation.  

What will happen to devices attached to a template that is updated to MX18.2 or later?

Affected devices will only run their latest supported version of MX18.1. If a template is updated to MX18.2 or newer, these legacy devices will not update, and the Security Appliance page in dashboard will correctly display the running MX18.1 build. 

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions about this change? 

Please contact Meraki Technical Support with any questions, or you may reach out to your Cisco Meraki sales representative if you are interested in upgrading any of your MX devices.  

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