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Using the Command Line Live Tool

The Command Line tool allows administrators to run commands on Windows and Mac devices, and can be found on the Device Details page under MDM commands, or under Systems manager > Monitor > Command line. Commands can be run on one or multiple machines at the same time. Output from the command will be displayed under the Command Text Box.

This is useful for administrators who like to run quick, on-demand batch operations. It is recommended to run more complex, longer-running tasks via a directory service like Active or Open Directory.

On the command line page, you can use the links at the top of the page to help toggle all Windows or Mac machines.

*Important Note about Command Line*
This is a technology preview version of the Meraki Systems Manager Command Line. Use it at your own risk!

On Windows, commands run as Local System in C:\WINDOWS\System32\ (in most cases) and every command is prefixed by "cmd.exe /C". In macOS, commands run as root in /. Note, this is intended for short commands and will time out after 45 seconds.

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