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Enterprise Mobility Management

Systems Manager offers Enterprise Mobility Management with far-reaching scalability for expanding organizations while securely integrating mobile devices into data-sensitive networks.

With the Cisco Meraki Cloud, you can customize policies for each user group in your organization, require a passcode on devices before pushing Exchange settings, limit jailbroken devices to the guest network, provision software, automatically revoke privileges and software if devices violate security policies, and more. 

Systems Manager Quick Start

First-time setup instructions for Systems Manager.


Deployment Guides
Guides on how to use Systems Manager for specific use cases.
Device Enrollment
Devices can be enrolled in Systems Manager several different ways. Explore the different options available for on-boarding new devices.
Tags are used to control while settings and apps are pushed to devices, among other things. Tags can be applied manually or dynamically.
Profiles and Settings
Settings can be pushed to devices using profiles. Explore what settings are available and how they can be deployed to devices.
Apps and Software
Various options are available for pushing apps and software to devices using tags, and managing existing software on devices.
Monitoring and Reporting
Ways to gather information about specific client devices or the network as a whole. Track locations, view app/profile status, and more.
Other Topics
Other information related to managing devices, apps, and settings, using Systems Manager.
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