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Information for Users in China

Cisco Meraki is committed to serving our China customers and we are investing significant resources to ensure that the Cisco Meraki customer experience is optimized around the world.


We expect to deploy a China service in early 2018, supported exclusively by data centers located in mainland China. Customers will be able to select the China service to host Meraki services for their Meraki devices in China ('China Devices').  Due to legal compliance and technical challenges, there will be some differences for China Devices.

Cross-border Data Connection to the Meraki Service

Until the deployment of the China datacenters, China Devices will still communicate with our servers outside of China by way of cross-border data connections.

  • These cross-border data connections are sometimes unstable for reasons that are beyond our control, so some China devices may fail to register with the Meraki service or lose connectivity with the Meraki service. 
  • Cross-border data connections are subject to rulings of Chinese authorities and regulations, which may change.

After the China datacenter is deployed, China Devices will be able to reach the Meraki service without requiring a cross-border data connection. We will provide a process for customers to move China Devices to the China service.

Customer-established Cross-border Data Connections

  • Even after the China datacenters are deployed, any form of cross-border connection established by the customer (for example, a VPN or a private line) in China will still be subject to Chinese regulations.
  • Meraki may be unable to assist with issues caused by unstable cross-border data connections to China Devices.
  • Customers are advised to seek independent legal advice and comply with local regulations when establishing any cross-border data connections to China Devices.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did we stop selling the Advanced Security License in Mainland China?

  • The China Cybersecurity Law (“Law”) came into effect on June 2017
  • The Law introduces new regulations and requirements concerning network security products
  • The MX, if is sold with the Advanced Security License, will likely be classified as a network security product
  • For compliance purposes, Cisco is halting the sale of the Advanced Security License
  • Cisco will investigate the requirements of the Law and will reconsider introducing the Advanced Security License in the future
  • However, there is no timeline to when the Advanced Security License will become available again

How about the Advanced Security Licenses already sold to Mainland China?

  • Features of the Advanced Security License rely on resources of overseas servers provided by 3rd party vendors, which require cross-border data transmission
  • Cross-border data transmission is subject to regulatory controls/restrictions
  • Meraki will do our best to support our customers; however, Meraki cannot assure customers that they will get same user experience in Mainland China due to factors beyond our control
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