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Cisco Meraki

Information for Cisco Meraki for Government users


Cisco Meraki is investing significant resources into launching “Cisco Meraki for Government” to provide Meraki services to US Federal agencies, US government contractors, and critical infrastructure customers. We are pursuing an Authorization to Operate (ATO) under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and are currently designated as “In Process.” This is a requirement for any cloud service provider to operate a service for the US Federal Government to use. 

This document will cover key technical information for customers looking to get started with the Meraki for Gov service or migrate their existing Meraki networks. 

Creating Organizations in Cisco Meraki for Government 

Cisco Meraki for Government dashboard is currently live at Users can create an account at Cisco Meraki for Government on this page. You can find step by step instruction on this link.

Supported Meraki Devices

The following lists out the hardware devices supported by the Cisco Meraki for Government service 




MX67, MX67C, MX67W

MR36​, MR36H


MX68, MX68CW, MX68W




MR46, MR46E




















* MS120 and MS390 are planned to be allowed by the end of Q1FY24

In order for certain features to work as expected, the following minimum product firmware versions should be used for nodes hosted in Cisco Meraki for Government:

When migrating devices below the minimum version you will see a delay in time required for the device to check in. The device will reach out to the Cisco Meraki for Government service, try to connect, and will be redirected to upgrade their firmware to a newer version. During this time, the device will not be providing any data to Dashboard and will appear offline. This can take upwards of 20 minutes. If the device does not connect by then please reach out to Meraki support.

Upcoming features in the Cisco Meraki for Government

  • MX & MR Advanced licensing features, SDW+ (MI)

  • SMS Two-Factor Authentication

    Unsupported Features 

    NOTE The following features are not supported for devices that are configured in the Cisco Meraki for Government Cloud service : 

  • SM

  • MG

  • MV

  • MI

  • MT

  • MX & MR Advanced Licensing

  • SIG-Connector

  • HTTP proxy for cloud communication

  • Configuration fetch using HTTP (devices must use HTTPS for configuration fetch)

Note that these services are subject to change

Firewall Requirements for Cloud Connectivity

Please note that the standard firewall allow list requirements for cloud connectivity are different for Cisco Meraki for Government. The requirements for Cisco Meraki for Government connectivity can be found on the Firewall info page.

For the tests that monitor the connectivity status of MX Appliances in Cisco Meraki for Government, you can simply grant ICMP access to the IP addresses of our test servers. You no longer need to use Google’s as a test destination.

API Endpoints and Considerations

For the Cisco Meraki for government environment, use as the end point URL.

How to contact Support

Support phone line: +1-415-432-1374


Are free trials for products available? 

Free trials of Cisco Meraki products are not currently available. Customers may not claim a free trial on any dashboard organization set up on the Meraki for Gov service. 

Are normal Meraki Admin accounts shared with Meraki for Gov admin accounts? Can I see my Meraki for Gov Organizations and Non-Meraki-for-gov Organizations on the same dashboard/logged into the same account?

No. The accounts created on the Meraki for Gov dashboard are totally separate from non-Meraki-for-gov accounts and do not cross over or share any information or org membership information.

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