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Mandarin Support Hotline

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Meraki Technical Support Team in Shanghai China offers the Mandarin language support to customers, at 9 am - 6 pm (UTC+8) on working days as per local regulations.

Call below hotline numbers during China working hours will get Mandarin support.

(+86) 400 605 7895  China Mainland

(+886) 00 801 857 017 Taiwan


Meraki Holidays

Mandarin language support is NOT provided on Meraki holidays and weekends.

However, you will still get 24/7 support in English via the same support hotline.

Here is the list of Meraki Holidays for the year of 2019.



Year Holiday Name Holiday Date Day of Week
2019 New Year 1-Jan-19 Tuesday
2019 Spring Festival 4-Feb-19 Monday
2019 Spring Festival 5-Feb-19 Tuesday
2019 Spring Festival 6-Feb-19 Wednesday
2019 Spring Festival 7-Feb-19 Thursday
2019 Spring Festival 8-Feb-19 Friday
2019 Spring Festival 9-Feb-19 Saturday
2019 Spring Festival 10-Feb-19 Sunday
2019 Qing Ming Festival 5-Apr-19 Friday
2019 Labor Day 1-May-19 Wednesday
2019 Dragon Boat Festival 7-Jun-19 Friday
2019 Mid-Autumn Festival 13-Sep-19 Friday
2019 National Day 1-Oct-19 Tuesday
2019 National Day 2-Oct-19 Wednesday
2019 National Day 3-Oct-19 Thursday
2019 National Day 4-Oct-19 Friday
2019 National Day 5-Oct-19 Saturday
2019 National Day 6-Oct-19 Sunday
2019 National Day 7-Oct-19 Monday


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