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Out-of-Band Log Fetching


Out-of-band log fetching is a tool on Meraki devices used for downloading encrypted logs directly from the local status page. This may be useful for troubleshooting issues on devices that are unable to be accessed via the cloud. These logs can be sent to Cisco Meraki Support for decryption and inspection, and may be requested from Support in certain cases.

Out-of-band log fetching is available on: 

  • MS switches running firmware version MS 10.31+.
  • MXs and Z-Series devices running firmware version MX 13.36+ or MX 14.34+
  • MG cellular gateways running firmware version MG 1.9+
  • Most MR access points running firmware version MR 26.0+
    • The following models are not supported:
      • MR11
      • MR12
      • MR14
      • MR16
      • MR18
      • MR62
      • MR66

Using Out-of-Band Log Fetching

Devices on firmware builds supporting out-of-band log fetching will display a UI element Download support data on the Configuration (Uplink configuration on switches) section of their local status page.




Someone with access to a device, can navigate to the local status page and can click Download to download an encrypted SDB file (the process takes from 15 seconds up to a minute or so). This encrypted file can be sent by any available means of file transport (email, drive, etc.). (The file will be named SDB_[mac-address]_[timestamp].dat.)


If the Download page becomes stuck for more than 2 to 3 minutes without presenting a file download, it's recommended to refresh the page and try again. Note that some pop-up blockers can interfere with the file download. If refreshing the page doesn't produce the desired result, the file download can be accessed directly by appending the URL in the local status page browser with:




Downloaded logs are encrypted, and should be sent to Meraki support for decryption and inspection in cases where this is requested. 



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