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Cisco Secure Connect - Private and Public Applications

Private and public applications contribute to the overall functionality of a network, facilitating information sharing, communication, and specific operational needs. They are integral to modern digital infrastructure, enabling businesses, individuals, and organizations to function effectively.


Definition of private applications and implementation of policy controls depend on whether the user is accessing the application from a managed device that is running the Cisco Secure Client or unmanaged device to access the network using a browser.

When securing private application we should consider following steps:

  1. Get Started - Securing Access to Private Applications and Networks
  2. Defining Private Applications
  3. Define Application Objects
  4. Creating Cloud Firewall policy for private applications and networks
  5. Browser Access Policies


For public SaaS applications, Secure Connect detects what applications are running running on your network and then gives you the ability to impose policy controls on users accessing them. Use the link below to learn more about Application Discovery and how to create access policies to SaaS applications by defining web policy rule(s). 

  1. Application Discovery
  2. Manage Web Policies


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