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Cisco Meraki

Existing Umbrella Customer

Setting up a Cisco Meraki Account

Cisco+ Secure Connect Welcome Email

After successful onboarding, please check the welcome email.  You will go through steps 2 and 3 to setup your Cisco Meraki account and link it to your Cisco Umbrella account.

1. Welcome Email-new.png

Skip Step 1 since you have already had an Umbrella account.

Create New Meraki Account

Go to step 2 set up Meraki, click Create New Meraki Account

Select Region

6. Create Meraki Dashboard - choose region.png

Provide necessary attributes listed below and click Create account. 

7. Create Meraki Dashboard - Fill form.png

Go to your inbox and confirm the email address.

8. Verification Email sent - new.png

9. Meraki org creation email .png

Once you confirm the email, head back to the inbox and click step 3 Link Secure Connect to Umbrella.

1. Welcome Email-new.png

Connect Meraki to Umbrella

Create Umbrella API keys

Click create Umbrella API keys, it will open a new tap and direct you to the Umbrella API Keys page.

11. Umbrella Network Devices Credentials.png

13. UMB login page-new.png

14. API keys page.png

Generate Token

Under Admin > API Keys, select Legacy Keys, expand Umbrella Network Devices and click Generate Token.

(Notice: Don’t forget to copy & paste your Key and Secret because for security reasons, your secret will only be displayed once) 

15. Generate Network device key in UMB - 0.png

15. Generate Network device key in UMB - 1.png

Copy the Umbrella Network Devices Key and Secret to Cisco Plus Secure Connect page, click Check and Continue

15. Generate Network device key in UMB - 2-new.png

Repeat above steps to finish Umbrella Reporting Credentials and Umbrella Management Credentials

16. Generate Umbrella Reporting Credentialsin - 0.png

16. Generate Umbrella Reporting Credentialsin - 1.png

17. Generate Umbrella Management Credentials - 0.png

17. Generate Umbrella Management Credentials - 1.png

Click Finish and now you have successfully provisioned your Cisco Plus Secure Connect and ready to go for more configurations. 

18. API Keys done.png

19. SC Opening Page.png

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