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Cisco Meraki

Customers without Meraki and Umbrella deployments

Setting up Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella Accounts

Cisco+ Secure Connect Welcome Email

After successful onboarding, please check the welcome email.  You will go through steps 1 through 3 to setup and link your Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella accounts.

1. Welcome Email-new.png

Claim new Umbrella account

Click 'Claim new Umbrella account' shown in the welcome email under step 1 - 'Set up Umbrella', enter the admin email, and click 'RESET PASSWORD'.

2. UMB Reset Password-new.png

3. UMB Reset Password - Confirmation.png

Reset Password

Check your inbox, click this link to reset your password.

4. UMB PW reset email-new.png

Set up Umbrella account

Enter your email and password to set up the Umbrella account.

5. UMB PW reset fill out form.png

New Meraki Account

Create Meraki Account

Now we have successfully setup the Umbrella account, let’s go to step 2 set up Meraki, click Create New Meraki Account

1. Welcome Email-new.png

Select region

6. Create Meraki Dashboard - choose region.png

Create account 

Provide necessary attributes listed below and click Create account. 

6. Create Meraki Dashboard - Fill form.png

Confirm email address

Go to your inbox and confirm the email address.

8. Verification Email sent - new.png

7. Meraki org creation email .png

Once you confirm the email, you will see below page. Now head back to the inbox and click step 3 Connect Meraki to Umbrella.


Connect Meraki to Umbrella

Now we have successfully setup both Umbrella and Meraki account, let’s go ahead click Link Secure Connect to Umbrella.

1. Welcome Email-new.png

Create Umbrella API keys

Click Connect this Meraki account to continue the exercise of integration.

10. Connect API page.png

Click create Umbrella API keys, it will open a new tap and direct you to the Umbrella API Keys page.

13. Umbrella Network Devices Credentials.png

13. UMB login page-new.png

14. API keys page.png

Generate Token

Under Admin > API Keys, select Legacy Keys, expand Umbrella Network Devices and click Generate Token.

(Notice: Don’t forget to copy & paste your Key and Secret because for security reasons, your secret will only be displayed once) 

15. Generate Network device key in UMB.png

15. Generate Network device key in UMB - 1.png

Copy the Umbrella Network Devices Key and Secret to Cisco Plus Secure Connect page, click Check and Continue

15. Generate Network device key in UMB - 2-new.png

Repeat the above steps to finish Umbrella Reporting Credentials and Umbrella Management Credentials

16. Generate Umbrella Reporting Credentialsin - 0.png

16. Generate Umbrella Reporting Credentialsin - 1.png

17. Generate Umbrella Management Credentials - 0.png

17. Generate Umbrella Management Credentials - 1.png

Click Finish and now you have successfully provisioned your Cisco Plus Secure Connect and ready to go for more configurations. 

18. API Keys done.png

19. SC Opening Page.png


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