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Cisco Secure Connect -Troubleshooting Remote User Reported Errors




Possible Cause


Any issues with establishing a VPN connection    
“Establishing VPN”… and eventually the connection fails  Likely SSL vpn is getting blocked via an upstream device.  To double check, have the user run DART 
  • If possible, try an alternate network connection 

  • Have the user run DART.  Review the log file within the Secure Mobility Client directory for timeout messages after “Establishing VPN” messages 

  • This error message occurs when the User is not provisioned in Umbrella’s Deployments > Users & Groups and assigned selected in Deployments > Remote Access > Settings > Assign Users & Groups.  This error essentially means the user is denied access to the VPN. 
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Description automatically generated

SAML IDP not configured for the Umbrella org 

Configure a SAML IDP ( SAML Configuration Guide
Valid user account but not a user that is authorized for the service  
  • Check the SAML configuration on the IDP 

  • Check the Identity Provider’s user and group permissions set for the account in question 

This error occurs when logged onto a computer remotely using RDP (Remote Desktop)  AnyConnect blocks this by default but this can be optionally allowed in (Deployments > Remote Access > Settings > Client Configuration"Tunnel 
"I can't access my local network services while I'm connected"  Local LAN access not enabled
  • Verify local LAN is checked on the vpn client

Note: This feature is controlled by the headend (Umbrella). See About Traffic Selection for more details 

End user sees this pop up upon connection attempt.  Prompt for  user authentication is not seen.

This occurs when Compatibility Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer

Uncheck "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View"

User is trying to establish a VPN session via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Allow user to establish a VPN session via RDP by changing "Admin Settings" under Client Configuration to Allow Remote Users

Client-error.png This occurs when the address pool is exhausted. Increase the address pool size
both.png This occurs when the user attempting to connect does not belong to a group that is authorized for remote access. Verify the user's group is selected under "Assign Users and Groups"
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