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Facebook Login Deprecation - FAQs

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Facebook Splash Page Login will not be supported after June 12, 2023 because Facebook has ended this service.


Facebook login provided a social sign-on experience for users logging into Meraki MR access points and MX security appliances. You could use your Facebook page as the sign-on page when users first logged into your network. Users could then check-in with their Facebook credentials, update their status, and ‘like’ the Facebook page.

Note: Facebook has decided to end the service starting June 12, 2023 and as a result, Meraki will end support for Facebook Splash Page Login. However, you can continue to deliver secure and customizable WiFi-login experience using other options available on Meraki platform.


  • Why is the Facebook Wi-Fi Splash Page Login support being discontinued?

      Facebook has decided to end the Facebook Wi-Fi service

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