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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Cisco Meraki Devices purchased Second Hand

Due to the cloud-managed nature of the product, it is strongly recommended that Cisco Meraki devices are purchased directly from Cisco Meraki or an authorized vendor. However, once purchased, ownership of devices can be transferred between third parties at any time, with certain provisions and restrictions:

  • Devices are first removed from the previous owner's dashboard account.
  • Warranties are non-transferable.
  • Cloud Controller licenses are non-transferable.

Devices are Removed from the Previous Owner's Dashboard Account

In order to add a device to a dashboard account, it must not be associated with any other dashboard account. Meraki Support cannot remove this device. If a second-hand device is still associated to its original account, the previous owner will need to be contacted to remove it.

Note: Meraki Support cannot help in contacting previous device owners. It is the purchaser's responsibility to have the necessary contact information.

Cloud Controller Licenses are Non-transferable

All enterprise series devices require an enterprise cloud management license. This license cannot be transferred between two different third party entities. To purchase a cloud management license, contact the Sales department.

Leasing of Devices

In instances where the Meraki end customer of record leases device(s) to a third party without maintaining administrative control over the devices, and the Meraki customer is in a dispute with the third party over control of the device(s), Meraki considers the device(s) to be sold under second-hand market terms and Meraki will not assist in recovery of said device(s). 


Q: Can vendors re-sell Cisco Meraki devices

A: Only authorized Meraki vendors can re-sell Cisco Meraki devices. To confirm that you are contacting an authorized Cisco Meraki vendor or partner, you can find this information on the Cisco Partner Locator web page.

Q: What is the warranty status for resold devices?

A: Any warranty still valid on a Cisco Meraki device will not be transferred to a new owner if it is sold between third parties. As such, should the device fail, it will not qualify for an RMA. Cisco Meraki Warranty policies can be found here.