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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Pre-configuring Dashboard networks before receiving order or serial numbers

Empty Dashboard networks can be largely configured before bringing Cisco Meraki devices online or adding a device to the network. Specifically, the Cloud Controller will save configurations made in advance and push them to the proper Cisco Meraki devices whenever they establish Cloud connectivity on the appropriate Dashboard network. This is useful when an administrator will be unavailable during the time of device installation. 

Note: None of the following device-specific or local configuration options can be pre-set through Dashboard on an empty network. 

  • For all devices
    • Any configuration performed through the local status page of the device
    • Device name, tags, notes or any other field configured under the Monitor tab in Dashboard
  • MS Switches
    • Port-specific configuration, such as port VLAN tagging, access mode or notes
    • Assigning port schedules
    • Port mirroring
    • Custom MTU sizes 
  • MX Security Appliances and Z1 Teleworker Gateways
    • Networks without a device in them cannot be configured as a Site-to-Site VPN hub for "spokes" in a hub-and-spoke configuration
    • Per-port VLAN configuration
    • Link aggregation
    • Uplink preferences
  • MR Access Points
    • Per-device radio settings

The example below is for an MX Security Appliance network but applies to all Cisco Meraki products. 

Creating the Network

1. Using the network dropdown box, select "Create a network".



Note: If the organization contains no networks this drop down will default to "Create a network" and will not respond to attempts to select that field. In this event, select "Delete a network" and follow the link to get to the network creation screen.

2. Name the network. A sample network creation page is shown below. The fields indicated by red arrows are required fields, while the fields indicated by the blue arrow is optional. 





The "Name" field will have example text in it upon arriving on this page, such as "Meraki wireless". That text is present only as an example and is a required field. 

3. Choose the network type. Select the network type appropriate for the device you wish to preconfigure as shown in the above diagram. For example, a Switch network for an MS device or an Appliance network for an MX device.

4. Leave inventory claim blank, shown in the diagram above. 

In the image above, the organization has no unused devices in its inventory. If the organization has unused items in its inventory, you must select none of them in order to create the empty network for preconfiguration.

5. Press the "Create" button

Once the network has been created, a page will be displayed containing the notice below.


Configuring the Network

Instructions for configuring the network can be found in our product documentation.