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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki Free Trials

Test driving networking gear before you commit is vital; the equipment must work in your specific environment for your specific use cases and meet your specific criteria.

Because of this, almost every Cisco Meraki product is available for free evaluation.

How to get a Free Trial

Contact your Sales Representative, reach out to the Sales Team, or visit to register for a free evaluation of a Cisco Meraki product.

How to Claim a Free Trial

If you are a new Meraki customer but have a Demo Organization associated with your email you will need to make a regular Dashboard organization in order to properly claim your trial. Simply log out of Dashboard and go through the account creation process using your existing email and password.

Note: Trials can take up to 24 hours to process. If you are unable to claim your trial please wait for some time before trying again or see the FAQ section of this document.

Use the Trial URL

You will receive a trial URL as part of the trial process. This link will give you an overview of the trial as well as the ability to claim (and initiate a return for) the trial.

trial url.png

Use the Organization > Configure > Inventory page

You can claim your trial order number (starts with 4E) under the Organization > Configure > Inventory page using the claim button in the top right.

claim button.png


Enter your order number in the box and click claim

Claiming devices - Inventory Page.png

Note: Meraki software products can take 3-4 hours to fully activate.

Viewing and Returning a Trial

Once your trial is claimed you will be able to see the trial details under Organization > Configure > License Info.

trial status.png

Here you can see when the trial is set to expire as well as the order number. Clicking the order number will take you back to the trial URL where you can initiate a return.

return trial.png


Please note:  Per device licensing currently does not have this Returns hyperlink.  To return the trial you will need to use the original trial link provided to you.

Moving a Trial to Another Organization

Trials can be moved to another organization by following these steps:

  1. Unclaim all hardware from the trial that has been claimed
  2. Contact Support to have them unlink your trial
  3. Claim the trial onto the new organization

If you do not unclaim all hardware the trial may automatically link back to the current organization

Support for Free Trials

Support Eligibility

All customers on free trials are entitled to Meraki's traditional enterprise support. You can use Support for any questions or technical issues you have.

Please note that the traditional Support team will not be able to provide a detailed guided walkthrough of Dashboard.

Free Trial Adoption Team

Eligible customers will be reached out to by the Free Trial Adoption (FTA) team. This typically covers those who have a trial from the Meraki Sales team for a product they do not own. The FTA team will assist you with any Meraki related items regarding your trial. This includes assistance with setting up the product, providing a walkthrough of Dashboard and the features, as well as addressing additional questions or technical issues you might have.


If you are in contact with a member of the FTA team please prioritize reaching out to them over traditional Support (when possible).

The Free Trial Adoption team currently provides English support in Canada and the USA as well as the EMEA and APJC regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is a trial for?
    • Trials are typically 30 days in length.
  • What if I need more time to evaluate the product?
    • If something caused a delay in your testing and you need more time you can talk to your Sales Rep about the possibility of an extension.
  • Why don't I have a network for my product after claiming my trial?
    • A guide on creating networks can be found here.
  • Can I claim only a portion of my trial?
    • No, the entire trial can only be claimed in one organization. To move the trial to a different organization, you will need to unclaim the entire trial and re-claim the trial in the different organization.
  • I received the error message "Couldn't find license key 4EXXXXXXX".
  • I just received my trial and I cannot claim it because I receive the error message "No matching order/serials were found".
    • If claiming by order number, try claiming by serial number. 
    • Trials can take up to 24 hours to process. If you are unable to claim your trial, please wait a bit before trying again.
  • I just received my trial and I cannot claim it because I receive the error message "This claim has failed. Please try again.".
    • Trials can take up to 24 hours to process. If you are unable to claim your trial, please wait a bit before trying again.
  • I've waited 24 hours but I still cannot claim my trial.
    • The trial may have gotten claimed to another of your Organization. Reach out to Support to have them investigate further.
  • Why is the trial still in my Organization when it is expired?
    • A trial will automatically be removed from your network 30 days after the trial has ended. Make sure to you either have contacted your Sales Rep to buy the trial or have gone through the process to return it.
    • If your trial is a customer-generated SM trial then it will disappear within 30 days after the trial expires.
  • I claimed my trial but some of the hardware was not claimed.
    • This is unlikely to happen, but in this situation, you will need to manually claim the missing hardware.
  • What do I do if my trial is wrong?
    • If your trial has the wrong licenses or hardware, you need to contact your Sales Rep to have them resolve your issue.
  • Why is my trial device missing from my organization?
    • Please note that expired trial devices may be removed from a customer's network after 30 days. If you cannot re-claim your trial device, please reach out to your Meraki Sales Rep to either purchase or extend your trial gear.
  • My Advanced Security trial license is stopping me from claiming my new Enterprise license.
    • It is recommended that you allow your trial to be removed naturally in this case. Alternatively, you can reach out to Support to have them remove the trial from your organization.


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