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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Getting Started with Meraki

Welcome to Cisco Meraki!

This page will guide you through how to get started in the Meraki dashboard, the centralized cloud management platform for all Meraki devices and services. It is intended for network administrators who will be monitoring and managing Meraki products. See our Getting Started Checklist for more in-depth details on getting started.

Start With These Four Steps

Step 1: Build Your Foundation

Create your Meraki dashboard account and set up your organization and network.

Read more about the Meraki cloud in our Meraki Cloud Architecture article.

Read more about how the Meraki dashboard is structured in Meraki Dashboard Organizational Structure.

Step 2: Add Two Administrators

Set permission levels for your users. We highly recommend adding at least two administrators to avoid account lockouts.

Check out Managing Dashboard Administrators and Permissions for more about managing permissions.

Step 3: Claim Your Licenses

Once your organizational structure is set up, you can claim your licenses and apply them to devices that will be accessing your network.

Read more about Meraki's licensing models in the Meraki Licensing article, and how to manage licensing in the Meraki Licensing Overview.


Step 4: Claim Your Inventory

Use product serial numbers or order numbers to claim your devices. Activate the device on your chosen network.

Scan and onboard your devices with the Meraki mobile app (iOS) (Android).

For more information, check out Using the Organization Inventory.

Supercharge Your Knowledge

Take advantage of these resources to ramp up faster and grow your skills.

     Learning Hub_Intro to Meraki icon.png Meraki Platform Fundamentals Training     
 New to Meraki Community     

Take the free, self-paced course, Meraki Platform Fundamentals to familiarize yourself with Meraki and the fundamentals of the Meraki Dashboard.

Join this online community of your peers who are also new to Meraki. Experts are standing by to help you out. Ask questions, share advice, and build your network.

Additional Resources 

Get quick access to general best practices and product-specific guides below. Check out our documentation portal, or use the search above to see the rest of our documentation. Can't find what you're looking for in our documentation? Get help from your peers in the Community or contact support.

Security and SD-WAN
Cameras and Sensors




Mobile Device Management

eLearning Hub

Learn more with these free online training courses on the Meraki Learning Hub:

Sign in with your Cisco SSO or create a free account to start training.


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