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L3 Firewall Rules in Meraki Go Router Firewall

Meraki Go Router Firewall L3 Rules

Meraki Go GX Series Router Firewall devices have the ability to add firewall rules directly. These firewall rules can provide additional control for securing a network. These rules are available for Meraki Go GX20 and GX50 products and this procedure assumes that you have your device installed.

Locating the L3 Firewall Rules List

Firewall rules are configured by selecting the router firewall device under the Hardware tab.


Once the device is selected, choose the Settings link in the upper right and then choose the L3 Firewall Rules link below.l3_firewall_hardware_GX_heading.PNG


The next page will show all of the currently configured L3 rules.


Adding L3 Firewall Rules

After navigating to the L3 firewall rules page, choose the + next to the FIREWALL RULES header. This will open a page where the firewall rules can be entered.

Use a unique name for the Firewall 

Press Save in the top right to save the firewall rule.


Removing L3 Firewall Rules

Firewall rules can also be removed from the same interface where they are added.

After navigating to the L3 firewall rules page, select edit button in the top right.


Press the red button to the left of the firewall rule that you wish to delete. 


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