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Meraki Go - Manual Radio Controls

Overview Edit section

The Meraki Go hardware includes an automatic channel and power planning tool known as Auto RF. This feature helps the access point hardware automatically select transmit power, channel width, and channel to transmit on. However, this automatic channel and power selection is not always a best fit for every deployment. In order to better accommodate all deployments, manual radio controls can be used to help with wireless coverage.


At the end of this guide the following settings can be changed as desired per band (2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz):

  • Target transmit power.

  • Transmit channel.

  • Channel width.



  1. Navigate to the Hardware tab and select the Access Point desired to update.

    1. Find the Radio Settings section and tap it.

  2. Choose the band to update (2.4 or 5 Ghz)

  3. Choose the settings desired for this radio band.

  4. Tap Save when the settings are adjusted appropriately.


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