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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki Go - Move to Multi-Site

Consolidate Meraki Go Companies

Completing this How-To will result in multiple Meraki Go Companies being consolidated into a single Meraki Go Company leveraging multiple sites.

All Meraki Go companies support multi-site. With Multi-Site being a new feature as of November 2022, there are likely numerous deployments using Multi-Company setups when they could benefit from the simplicity of multi-site. In summary, combining multiple companies requires the following:

Note: A Company can only have up to 5 sites.

  1. Remove all hardware in each company. This can take a few minutes to sync on the cloud.
  2. Remove all administrators aside from the currently logged in admin.
  3. Delete the empty companies.
  4. Log in to desired company for multi-site setup.
  5. Set up multi-site for this company
  6. Follow the standard onboarding process for each site.

Warning: If you have an active security license on any GX, consolidate to the account with the active security license. Licenses are non-transferrable, and the associated company cannot be deleted if a license is present.